Anonymous asked:

tbh its true that almost all woc get fetishized by creepy white men and while i don't believe that there is such thing as "asian privilege" or that asians don't experience oppression ( i know they do),its also true that asians are more accepted in this country (and I'm really talking mostly about the chinese, the japanese, and the koreans) than other poc. they're viewed as the "model minority" .

yellow--ranger answered:

Hey, if you are not Asian, this isn’t your place to talk about these things and if you are Asian please educate yourself. We are not ‘more accepted in this country’. The model minority myth is not something positive though it may seem like that at first glance.

"But the model minority myth means that Asian-Americans are smart!! What’s wrong with that??"

Guess what?? A lot of us are IMMIGRANTS. And we were not first class immigrants most of us were poor as shit coming to America. Asian-Americans are portrayed as middle class, relatively wealthy, with caring and heavy handed parents but hey guess what!!! That’s not true! And you know what!! A lot of resources that Asian-Americans need, maybe young Asian-Americans who are struggling to stay in school because they have to support their family, are poor as hell, with negligent parents don’t get the resources they need!! But hey Asians are so smart!! They don’t need the help!! Who cares if you can’t put food on the table!! Think yourself a solution!
And that is just the model minority myth. How about the perpetual foreigner myth?

"Where are you from?"
“No, where are you REALLY from?”

We are never, ever seen as TRULY American but we and our struggles are used by white people to make America seem like a “melting pot”. We built your fucking railroads! There are a lot of us who have been here longer than most white people!!
And don’t you DARE forget about Vincent Chin or how other young Asian-American men are violently killed just for being Asian. Or how our women are targeted, raped, and killed because their vaginas are somehow more mysterious and ‘exotic’ than other vaginas??
And don’t you see how your own definition of Asian (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean) is problematic within itself? Do you realize how many countries we have?? Do you realize how many ethnic groups are within those countries?? Do you realize how many Asians are not Japanese, Chinese, or Korean??
Honestly, what the FUCK is this supposed to be anyway? An oppression contest? White people WANT us to divide among PoC ethnic groups so we’re easier to control and conquer. If you are PoC, you have got to get your solidarity game together. If you are white, why the hell do you think it’s even okay to open your damn mouth.